Front Doors in Malta


PVC Front DoorsFront Doors highly sought after in Malta and Maltese Homes

If you’re thinking modern and attractive, with countless styles to choose from, then AM Projects PVC doors are your obvious choice. Excellent thermal insulation and optimised soundproofing make these doors stand out from the rest. Our doors are extremely durable and have been tested to endure 20 years of constant use. They can be fitted with a 3 or 5 point lock and can be done in an acrylic coating or wood foil of any colour you desire. For height you can opt for the aluminium on the outside and pvc on the inside. Additional safety equipment can be fitted along with a variety of safety electric crafted locks.

Wooden Front Doors

Traditional elegance and style; nothing beats the warmth and beauty of timber, our wood doors do wonders to enhance the facade of your home. A choice of five beautifully finished woods and options for an endless range of colours with various types of glazing; these doors can be specifically tailored to a traditional profile or a smooth modern design. Maximum durability with a four layer system design will ensure you have the highest quality of wood doors, built to last a lifetime; a great investment that will save you money in the long run. Our Anti burglary system will put your mind to rest with a five bolt system, and a three point locking system, keeping you and your family safe and sound.

AM Projects can customize in various forms and dimensions according to clients’ needs; Offering diversity in all forms, Double, Single, Window Front Doors.

Security and Protection

The entrance to your home makes the first impression. At AM projects we incorporate all these options to give you the choice of a huge range of the most elegant and characteristic front doors.and the door you choose will add to your home personality. Not only do doors provide security for your familythey also optimise your indoor temperature while providing a long term service to your home.

Choosing a Door Type

Let AM Projects help you find out which styles best fit your needs and how each operates, ventilates, and enhances your home facial.