Security doors in Malta


Security doors: simply a good feeling

For most people, our home is our sanctuary; a place where we feel safe and secure. One of the great benefits of home security is that it provides you with peace of mind. Every family should feel secure in their own homes.  There are many effective measures that can be taken to protect your home from intruders, such as investing secure doors and windows.

All products supplied by AM Projects come with a basic level of security which can be extended depending on your individual needs.


Safety door glass

Making sure you feel comfortable and secure in your home is very important to us at AM Projects. We can support you and your family or business using passive security, from the special range of hardware through to safety glass.

Safety glass offers the fantastic protection against unauthorized intrusion into your house or building.  To compliment this, you can choose from three of our security levels.

Safety  Class  A – Standard at no extra surcharge

safety claas A

Fitting with two safety latches mushroom pin and two safety locking pieces.

Security can be increased by using  laminated glass and a handle with a key.

Safety  Class B – Increased security in accordance with WK1 elements -DIN V ENV 1627 - 1630

safety class B

Fittings with multi-point locking components  with four mushroom pins

Safety glass and a handle with a lock is necessary.

Safety Class C – top security level in accordance with WK1 elements -DIN V ENV 1627-1630

safety class C

Fitting with multipoint locking components with increased mushroom pins.

A projectile-resistant external glazing together with  a secured glass connection (eg, bolted glass beads) and a handle with a lock is necessary.

All levels of security can also run an alarm; the alarm is supplied with glass as well as locking and opening monitoring.