Door Shapes and Forms

Door's styles and functions


One leaf element

 D1 A

Design Schimatic for a Door Opening Inwards by AM Projects Malta

 D1 B

leaf Door opening outwards by AM Projects Malta    

D1 A – one leaf door opening inwards, tilting and turning.

D1 B – one leaf door opening outwards, turning only.

The position of the handle whether left or right and the height is up to client's requirements.

Two leaf element

D2 A


D2 B  


D2 A- 2 leaf hinged doors opening inwards, turn and tilt, one side tilting only

D2 B- 2 leaf door opening outwards without a mullion in the middle, both sides turning  






D3A - 2 leaf  element, one leaf door opening inwards tilting and turning connected to a fixed element



D3B– 2 leaf element, one leaf door opening outwards connected to a fixed element


Combination collection


3 leaf element, all opening inwards turning and tilting or with one element fixed. Choose your option or ask us to help you decide.   


D4 A

D4 B

D4 C


D4 D






D5– 4 leaf element, two leaf door opening inwards connected to two fixed elements, one on the left and one on the right



Arches - A wide variety of shapes on offer 

D6 A

D6 B D6 C


D6 D


D6 E

D6 F


D6 G


D6 H


The sliding range

Tilt/slide and folding-sliding systems

Both sliding systems are made of standard window profiles. For both tilt/slide and lift/slide systems there is a choice of several versions: there are two, three and four-part elements available. The sliding sash can also be tilted separately for ventilation purposes.

 D 9 - Tilting and Sliding better known as PSK – offering the excellent insulation these doors should come with. Why settle for inferior insulating sliding doors when you can have the best.    

D9 A


D9 A - 2 leaf element with one leaf tilting and sliding connected to a side fixed.


D9 B

D9 B - 3 leaf element with one leaf tilting and sliding connected to two fixed elements on both sides.

D9 C



D9 C - 4 leaf element, 2 middle leaf tilting and sliding to the sides, 2 fixed sides on the left and right side.

D10 - Lifting and sliding better known as the HST


D10 A

D10 A - HST - 2 leaf element with one leaf lifting and sliding connected to a side fixed.

D10 B


D10 B - HST – 3 leaf elements, two sides fixed, one middle leaf lifting and sliding, or 2 leaf lifting and sliding, one middle fixed element, maximum measurements 6200mm x 2000mm or 5400mm x 2400mm.

D10 C


D10 C - HST – 4 leaf elements, two middle leafs lifting and sliding to two fixed sides, maximum width measurements 6500mm.

Four  Leaf – Doors  - Bi-Folding Doors

D11- various options of folding doors

In the folding-sliding systems the “folding mechanism” practically allows you to open the entire opening width. The sash elements can be folded differently depending on the design version. No fixed glazed elements, sides or jambs block the opening.

D11 A- 3 leaf, one leaf opening inwards or outwards in the direction that you prefer, 2 leafs folding
     D11 B- 4 leaf, one leaf opening inwards, 3 leafs folding or 2 leaf opening inwards in the direction that you prefer, 2 leafs folding

 D11 C- 3 leaf, one leaf opening inwards in the direction that you prefer, 2 leafs folding. Choose from the various functions


D11 D- 6 leafs, one leaf opening inwards in any direction, 5 leafs folding


Special designs – Conservatories, Skylights, glass to glass corner option and more.

Ask regarding options which do not appear on our page, we will only be too happy to assist.