Various Type of Window Colours


Colour options

For the façade of any building, coloured windows and doors, or a warm natural wood finish, are a great way to enhance and compliment the design and architecture, adding an element of your own personality to your home or business.

Colour Finish

AM Projects offers various types of colour systems from lamination foils for PVC windows and doors; a vast selection of bright colours, a wide variety of wood grain imitation styles and the spraying system in any RAL colour of your choice.  This gives you boundless options for both traditional and contemporary architecture.

Coloured foils can be applied both on the inside and outside of your frame; you can choose to use just one colour or you can get creative and combine colours, using one colour to match the interior design and one to suit the external character.

The laminated foils are extremely durable, easy to maintain, and very cost effective, colours remain bright and fresh long after their application.

Whether modern or traditional buildings, classic or ultra-trendy designs; AM Projects can provide you just what you’re looking for.

Wood Foils

If you prefer a more traditional and timeless finish, the natural appearance of wood grain is for you. Available in a wide variety of shades, the elegance of wood grain will enhance the features of any modern, classic or architectural design. The façade of your building will be brought to life with the eye catching combination of wood grain and delicate colour, and with all the advantages of PVC, this is a great option.

Architecture colours

Titan 60 Aluminuium 61 Grau Aluminuium 64 Thorium Grau 62 Graphit Schwarz
46 Titanium White 60 White Aluminium 61 Grey Aluminium 64 Thorium Grey 62 Graphite Black

Classic colours

99 Grau 22 Mahagoni 22 Mahagoni 12 Anthrazit 21 Nuss baum 66 Grun 34 Mooreiche 11 braun
99 Grey 22 Mahogany 48 Golden Oak 12 Anthracite 21 Walnut 66 Green 34 Moor Oak 11 Brown

Timeless colours

99 Grau 22 Mahagoni 22 Mahagoni 12 Anthrazit 21 Nuss baum
45 Pure White  88 Red 84 Wine Red 94 Light Grey 67 Moss Green
66 Grun 34 Mooreiche 11 braun 11 braun 22 Mahagoni
72 Quartz Grey 78 Steel Blue 48 Golden Oak 13 Chocolate Brown 47 Cream White

Traditional colours

99 Grau 22 Mahagoni 22 Mahagoni 12 Anthrazit 21 Nuss baum
76 Brilliant Blue 11 Brown 48 Golden Oak 41 Mountain Pine 25 Macore
66 Grun 34 Mooreiche 11 braun 11 braun 11 braun
24 Cherry-Douglas-fir 22 Mahagoni 33 Oak ST-G 22 Mahogany 80 Irish Oak *
99 Grau 22 Mahagoni 22 Mahagoni
29 Black Cherry 19 Tuscany 48 Golden Oak

Trend colours

99 Grau 22 Mahagoni 22 Mahagoni
94 Signal Grey Smooth  07 Grey Smooth 08 Basalt Grey Smooth


Advantages of Acrylic Colour

If you’re looking for a contemporary edge to the look of your home or business; the acrylic colour foils are the choice for you. Acrylic is combined with PVC making a robust product with a scratch resistant surface that repels most dust and grime. Your colour will remain vibrant over many years, with no signs of peeling or fading even in the worst weather conditions, making this a very shrewd investment which will save you money in the future. Anti – mildew chemicals are incorporated into the paint making it resistant to mildew, and the white layer beneath the infrared-translucent acrylic coating, reflects the sun’s rays and reduces the heating effect on your window frame to a minimum.

PVC spraying option

This gives your the option to achieve the colour of your choice.  PVC paints are applied to uPVC profiles, windows, doors  and conservatories giving the correct application techniques for the most durable finish.

PVC inside and Aluminium on the outside

With aluminium cladding on the outside, this option comes in all RAL ( RAL is a colour coding system) colours. 

Natural timber available in any colour of your choice

Likewise in the Timber range, the colour is available in a vast range of natural shades and all RAL colours, ( RAL is a colour coding system), with two different colours for inside and outside on request.