Discover quality glass windows in Malta

Which glass is best for your windows?

For a tangible improvement to the comfort levels in your home, choose double glazing. Not only will double glazing ensure additional thermal and sound insulation; it also gives you extra privacy from inquisitive onlookers and added protection against unwanted intruders.

Choose from our wide range of insulated glass and you’ll be happily snug even in unpredictable weather conditions such as strong winds and heavy rain. And your furniture will be protected from those harsh UV rays.

The double-pane insulated glass, is made up of two panes of glass separated in/out case by a gas. These gases are known as bad conductors, they slow the transfer of heat through the window or door. In summer they slow the transfer of heat entering the house, therefore allowing the cool air to linger inside your home. In winter, the cold stays outside and you remain warm and comfortable.

Also available at AM Projects is the triple glazing system.



Security & Safety Glass – protection against injury and theft

Safety glass is an effective measure towards ensuring you have the best level of protection possible, especially for families with children.

The glass is able to greatly withstand the strain of a heavy load or knock. In the event the glass breaks, the glass surface remains intact and the risk of injury is practically ruled out.

Safety glass also offers enhanced protection for your home, and business, from any illicit intruders.

At AM Projects we have various options to choose from, including laminated and tempered glass which come in different grades of thickness. Laminated glass gives more protectionto people, because if broken, the glass remains bonded to a plastic sheet, also making it less likely to cause injury to people, this makes penetration more difficult. You can view our different types of laminated glass. Bullet proof glass is also available.

Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Ornament glass

AM Projects offer a wide selection of options to match individual designs and provide space for new ideas. The beauty of ornament glass is complimented by allowing natural scattered light to filter in, while still maintaining privacy. Rooms remain bright and appear extra spacious as a result.

Available below are some of the various ornament glass available for your home.  Take pleasure in looking through these options and contact us to view any of these samples.



Sound proofing glass from 38 dB up to 45dB

If you want to create a peaceful atmosphere, where you can sit back and enjoy the silence, a sound protection system is the answer. With this type of glass, unpleasant noise pollution is left outside.

Sound protection comes combined with increased thermal protection, helping to reduce heating costs and avoid energy loss. Sound proof glass requires cerification, at AM projects we offer supreme quality sound proof glass, which without any doubt will satisfy your needs.

Glass with blinds inside

Permanently sealed between the two glass panes, the built in blinds provide you with the ultimate in privacy. By opening them up all the way, or just tilting at the right angle, it’s easy to create the perfect lighting solution for any room.

No cleaning is required, as these are protected against dirt, dust and weather conditions, and most importantly they are safe from little fingers. These attractive, slim looking blinds come in a range of colours to suit our customer’s needs.