Effortless Security and Style: PVC Rolling Shutter Doors & Windows

Roller shutters for all window and door systems

Durable and easy to use; AM Projects provide Roller shutters for all common window systems, and they can be fitted in old and new buildings with ease. The wide variation of colour and different operation systems make choosing one of our blinds an absolute must for any home or business. Be it pull-belt, hand-crank or motor, you will find AM Projects roller shutters an affordable choice.

PVC roller shutters have an amazing thermal insulation system which reduces your electricity bills, keeping the heat out on those stifling days and keeping the heat in on those chilly nights. Benefits of installing a Roller shutter also include how well they soundproof your home, so not only will your environment have a comfortable climate, it will also be calm and peaceful.

Roller shutters will protect you from the occasional inquisitive peaks from strangers and provide you with an anti burglary system that will make you feel at ease in your home.

Roller shutters provide almost complete darkness which encourages good undisturbed sleep for you and your family.  Your young loved ones can sleep on time in the evenings or longer in the mornings hence getting the rest they need.

PVC and Aluminium Roller Shutters

Our Roller shutters are available in both PVC and ALUMINIUM. The added advantages of using aluminium rolling shutters are; stability, economic efficiency, functionality and they are light-weight.

These shutters features:

  • Easily installs with clip adapters on to existing window
  • Low maintenance
  • Screw-free fastening of inspection cover
  • Optional fly screen which is not seen from outside
  • Weather resistant
  • Soundproofed
  • Sturdy mounting
  • Operated by pull-belt, hand-crank or motor

Rolling Shutters for Windows, blocks out light & sound