Enhance Airflow with External Ventilation Louvers


Louvers for Windows in MaltaAt AM Projects we offer louvers in the traditional and country style, both giving light, privacy and shading with style.

Type of louvers

The louvers are available in PVC, low maintenance wood and aluminium, and come in a range of designs and styles. In all materials, louvers are available in a variety of colours, with their added security, these can envoke a warm, rural feeling to any home.

External louvers

External louvers can be adjusted to control the amount of daylight that enters a room; by using natural light to heat or cool, electricity bills can be dramatically reduced. Depending on your window frame, louvers can be mounted to overlap or fitted within the opening.

Louvers allow for a natural air flow into the building without compromising on privacy, they also provide protection  against the elements; all the while enhancing the aesthetics of the building.

See some of the choices below.

Choices for Window Louvers