Enjoy a Bug-Free Environment: Insect Screens in Malta


Fly Screens for Windows and Doors

Mosquito and fly nets

Mosquito and fly nets, are also referred to as insect screens. Unique features and options that make windows so extraordinarily beautiful

If you’re looking for the latest innovations in window screens and nets, AM Projects can help you find the right solution. Our screens enhance your home’s natural light, ventilation, views, and curb appeal without cramping the style or ambiance.

AM Projects windows and doors can be ordered complete with fly screens that offer an effective barrier against insects, particularly in the warmer months when mosquitos are in abundance. Screens and nets offer protection systems which do not impede ventilation or obscure your views. The aluminium profiles are hard wearing and weather resistant, designed for fast and hassle free mounting.  We offer various options such as clip on, hinged, rolling and sliding. Many shapes and colours  are available to match your existing windows and doors, our nets compliment the overall appearance of any building, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that your living space will be insect free.   

This blocks out insects such as fly's and mosquitos by using this net screen.

Large Insect Screens for Doors