Best Wooden Doors in Malta

Whether modern, classical or traditional; for warmth and beauty that will bring life and natural luster to your home in Malta and Gozo; wood is for you. These windows come in high quality wood with high protection provided by thick layers of environmentally friendly water based glazes.  This ensures the stability and long lifetime of these wooden windows whilst keeping the maintenance to a minimum.

Top Timber Materials 

AM Projects imports windows and doors from top European manufacturers who use renewable raw material, sourced from expert wood specialists. These windows have outstanding sound and thermal insulation with top class Uw values making wood an eco friendly solution and energy efficient.

Our timber is a low maintenance option for today’s busy lifestyles. These timber doors are available in a vast range of natural shades and colours. The elegance of these beautiful doors can be further enhanced by opting for the fittings that can be completely covered at a small surcharge.

Why choose wooden front doors?

A wood finish will never go out of style so you can rest assured that your home will always look elegant, natural, fashionable and warm. Durable, strong and sturdy wooden doors are hard to break down and they’re hard to break in. Each one is designed to ensure you can have the exact door your desire. Whether that may be a solid wood front door or other form of wooden external door. Designs are vast when it comes to wooden doors with glass. Discover many of the finest designs as you search for your ideal timber door.