PVC Doors

PVC doors for new homes and refurbishment

Energy efficiency and practical functionality are our mottos.  More and more people are opting for ecological and energy saving ways to optimize their homes, and this is where we can work together. Refurbishing your doors using our latest technology in insulation will cut your electricity costs dramatically and at the same time protect our environment; ensuring your home is eco-friendly and energy efficient.

AM Projects make it easy for you by providing a huge choice of best quality PVC materials for your home. We make design, energy efficiency and ease of use, our top priority. You can choose from a vast selection of acrylic colours and various wood grains, from basic white to highly resistant colours and you can rest assured you are getting the best on the market; Corrosion, rot, chipping, fading and discolouration resistant products. Quality is backed up by a years of experience and various guarantees. This being said, one glance will convince you of our long lasting products and puts your mind at ease.

Taking the time to refurbish your property will raise its value, and go a long way toward the preservation of your building. Nowadays the housing market is competitive and by investing in these products you are making sure you receive well deserved returns. Rest assured; we provide an excellent cost/benefit ratio for your building scheme.


The Advantages of PVC doors are numerous. They are 100% recyclable and therefore save resources. Apart from having at least 50 years of service life, PVC doors are extremely easy to take care of and require minimal maintenance, simply wash them with dishwashing liquid and they will look like new. PVC doors have excellent fire proofing, sound proofing, strength, durability, and stability, making them the obvious choice for your home.

Door Systems

Our PVC doors have sound insulation and thermal insulation that exceeds local Energy Saving Regulation.  Electricity costs are can be reduced significantly.

There are 3 different designs, featuring high quality characteristics: offset classic, semi-offset round and semi-offset squared-edged.  Available in a wide range of wood grain, and colours which include the shimmering aluminium look of the Titanium Plus, allowing you to mix and match your doors and windows to best suite your needs.

Sound Proofing – Noise Pollution Damping 

Sound proofing is absolutely essential in any urban environment. If you want to get a good night’s sleep you need peace and quiet, and scientifically a maximum level noise exposure of 25db. But without soundproofing, this level is impossible to achieve; these days, noise pollution is a major cause of stress and irritability. The neighbours’ loud conversations or the sound of unrelenting traffic is noise pollution that that can reach levels of up to 80dB. At AM Projects, with our low cost and simple designs, we can ensure a much healthier quality of life inside your home.  We can offer you profiles that can go up to 47dB.

AM Projects again offer diversity of profiles and colours to suit clients’ needs and preferences.

Profiles offering

  1. 5 to 6 chamber profile with profile thickness 69mm to 74mm
  2. Uf value 1.1w/m2k with center seal
  3. Highest quality and excellent design
  4. Noise insulation values of up to 47dB (SSK 5) with appropriate glazing
  5. Water tightness tested to 9A (600Pa)
  6. Double to Triple seal
  7. Thermal insulation:Uw=0.93W/m2k(with appropriate glazing)
  8. Offering systems that are up to 3 times more stable: 1xup to 5.9cm2